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The Haven consists of a frail-care facility and health care services, from which Blue Mountain Haven, Retirement Estate and The Gables’ residents benefit immensely.

Up until recently, the health care services were provided by an external service provider. Whilst initially satisfactory, it became evident that there were several areas of concern.  An independent analysis revealed several shortcomings and after  further investigation, including meeting with other potential service providers, the trustees decided that the best way forward, would be to provide the services in-house. The health care service would be provided through a Non-Profit company, created by the trustees of The Haven and Gables, and the Retirement Estate, thus diminishing the obvious expenses and affording the company an opportunity to greatly invest in the services offered.

The additional benefits would include much needed investment in the employees; an opportunity to create a highly trained and motivated workforce, thus able to provide exceptional service delivery to the Haven’s most valuable asset, the resident.

As at 1st May 2017, the health care services are provided in-house through the Non-Profit Company, with all employees recruited and ready to commence service.

The legal entity that will become the medical health care service provider will be a Non-Profit Company and the Trustees of the Blue Mountain Haven Body Corporate and the Directors of Blue Mountain Carenet Retirement Estate Property Owners’ Association will become the Board of Directors of the Blue Mountain Village Retirement Community.




Basic health care is included when purchasing a property or unit at the Haven, Gables or Retirement Estate. 

A daily medical service to cater for the application of:

  • Daily administering of medication as prescribed by a medical practitioner
  • Basic wound care
  • Test monitoring
  • Health assistance, advice, referrals & reassurance
  • Supervision by professional registered nurses
  • Weekly clinic services
  • Weekly sister visit
  • 3 Day Medical frail care bed availability
  • Daily activities at The Haven
  • Shuttle service as per roster
  • Panic button response and monitoring
  • 24 Hour nursing availability

Enhanced services are included when purchasing a unit at The Haven.

Basic Health Care services and the following:

  • Offering three balanced meals per day or special diet options
  • Laundering of bed linen and towels weekly
  • Offering of general laundry services (dry cleaning excluded)
  • Cleaning services

Basic health care is included when purchasing or renting a property or unit at the Haven, Gables or Retirement Estate.

Basic Health care offers the following:

  • Daily Administering of medication as prescribed by a medical practitioner;
  • Basic Wound Care;
  • Test Monitoring;
  • Health Assistance, advice, referrals, & reassurance;
  • Supervision by Professional registered nurses;
  • Weekly clinic services;
  • Weekly sister visit;
  • Availability of a Social Worker;
  • 3 Day Frail Care bed or Home-Based care availability;
  • Activities at the Haven;
  • Shuttle Service per roster;
  • Biokinetic exercises twice a week;
  • Panic Button response and monitoring;
  • 24 -Hour nursing availability

In addition to the health care services, which may be provided as contemplated above and other additional services selected by the resident, Blue Mountain Village Retirement Community will ensure the availability of Permanent Health Care services for the resident. The level of health service required by the resident, at the discretion of BMRC shall be based on an admission health assessment conducted by the In-house team, in conjunction with the General Practitioner assigned to the Haven.


Home Based Care is available to the residents at an additional charge.

  • Daily making of beds
  • Daily Bathing & Dressing Assistance
  • General Health Monitoring
  • Medication Administration
  • Washing of Hair
  • Brushing of teeth
  • All services as per Assisted Living Option

Blue Mountain Haven is a registered frail care facility and part of the Blue Mountain Retirement Community, where individuals can be admitted when their ability to independently care for their physical, psychological or emotional well-being is diminished.

At the Haven, the unique and individual needs of residents and their families are recognized, and we understand the importance of giving them piece of mind. Our holistic approach is essential to this end. Our residents are more than people in need of care. Blue Mountain Haven Frail Care Facility acknowledges the individuality of their mind, body and spirit and regards the whole person with dignity and respect.

Frail care services will include the following:

  • We provide appropriate 24 (twenty-four) hour nursing care, assistance and supervision to the Resident;
  • We provide medication administration;
  • 24/7 emergency link to the nurses’ station;
  • Basic manicure & Pedicures
  • Occupational Therapist activity once a week;
  • A weekly consultation with our social worker;
  • We provide the Resident with all meals, according to compulsory nutritional and dietary requirements as well as including morning and afternoon refreshments;
  • We service and clean the interior of the unit;
  • We provide laundry facilities, with the exclusion of dry-cleaning facilities, carpet cleaning (own carpets), servicing or maintenance of own equipment;
  • DStv connection with the availability of a special DStv package.
  • We allow the installation of television sets, telephones, personal computers etc. by the Resident, which installation and usage costs will be for the Residents’ own account.

All stock used will be charged separately and according to medical supply list.

Price structure for Service provision, Home Base Care or Frail Care services for the Haven, Gables and Retirement Estate are available from the office, on 044-805 7308.  

If you have any queries, please contact the General Manager, Christo Steyn, on 044-805 7308. 


 082 453 4304 (General Manager)
 044 805 7308
 044 805 7311

 044 805 7299 (Nurse Call Station)

082 900 4356 (Sales, Rentals & Project Manager) Mark Scheepers

 081 439 1989 (Admin Coordinator)
 044 805 7308
 044 805 7311

 044 805 7304 (Food Services)
 044 805 7299 (The Haven)
 0861 552 277 (All Hours)


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LovelyLovely The Estate is situated in the fast growing Blue Mountain Village in George and is conveniently close to the popular Garden Route Mall and the new Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre, featuring Checkers Hyper, John Dory, Builders Warehouse, Krust Coffee Shop,Pro shop and various other stores

The Estate forms part of the existing Blue Mountain Residential development and with its high security, which allows you the safety of walking around while enjoying nature, where small Springboks roam freely.

The Estate consist of 86 full title houses, 2 or 3 bedroom, open plan kitchen, enclosed or covered patio, single or double garage. Solar panel geyser.

Clubhouse with braai facilities, also offers activities such as exercise classes, line dancing, bridge and wine tasting evenings.

Exquisite gardens. Large common ground areas, water features, Various tree types and plants that are attracting bird life such as southern red bishop, house sparrows, cape weaver, laughing dove and cape sugar bird and many other species. Health Care Services from THE HAVEN, is provided to all the residences in The Estate. All residences are issued with a remote panic button which is linked to the nurse station, 24 hours a day. A dedicated Nursing sister visits the residences on a daily/weekly basis to provide medical or health care advise.

Pets are allowed.



Lovely 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Lounge/Dining room, Open plan kitchen.

Double Garage. Courtyard. Small garden.

Health care services available.

 Occupation date 01.12.2023.