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Why Blue Mountain Estate?

Experience the view of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains daily at Blue Mountain Retirement Estate.  Relax and enjoy the dazzling sunsets whilst you stroll the 15HA open space on the property. Blue Mountain houses a small dam with an abundance of fish and birdlife and is home to springbok and zebras.  Roam the walking paths of the estate, which has a circumference of 5.5km and is ideally suited for a daily stroll.


The Internet and Telephony infrastructure at Blue Mountain is provided by Clearwire Communications. Clearwire have vast experience in IT and Communications and are therefore well suited to offer these solutions. The basic telephone and Internet services offered to all premises include free internal calls, free home line rental, free 3GB data per month and free voice mail.  Internet bundles are available at competitive prices.  With Clearwire conveniently situated on site, technical assistance is instantly available.


Qualified nursing staff are on duty 24/7 at The Haven and basic health services are also available to residents of The Retirement Estate and The Gables.  Owners will enjoy the unique concept of The Blue Mountain Retirement Community lifestyle.


Security at Blue Mountain is paramount and the safety of our residents remains our priority.  Security includes an electrified perimeter fence, CCTV cameras, 24/7 patrolling guards and Access Control.  Great emphasis is placed on authorization and verification of visitors to the estate.  A state of the art Control Centre enables the monitoring of the entire estate at all times.  All security staff members are extensively trained in fire handling, medical emergencies and customer service.


Blue Mountain Retirement Estate Board of Directors take the well-being of their Residents seriously and each manage a portfolio.

The Clubhouse offers regular social events, including Quiz nights, ‘Getting To Know You’ and Braais.

The Gardens Committee manages the gardens of the Retirement Estate, which is included in your monthly levy.

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